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How Connetix Tiles Can Help With Development

Connetix Tiles are an amazing plaything that is designed to increase learning and imagination they also evolve with your child as their comprehension of concepts grow and grow. Connetix Tiles offer endless opportunities for learning, the only limitation is your child’s imagination.

Connetix Tiles were designed by a team from Australia and are constructed with ABS plastic that is non-toxic and has been proven to be BPA as well as Phthalate free. They are produced by using the ultrasonic welding process and also rivets, so you are assured that the magnets within are secure and strong providing you with peace of mind while your child is playing with them.

Because Connetix Tiles are such an amazing toy that is open-ended, the developmental and learning opportunities for them are endless. The ways they support children’s development, learning and play will change with your child’s understanding, development and learning requirements change and grow.

Connetix Tiles permit children to develop a variety of abilities while they play, play and gain a greater knowledge of how tiles connect and interact. Here are a few instances of the ways that Connetix tiles can help the development of a child.

Fine motor skills:

Fine motor skills refer to the ability to perform controlled movements with the tiny muscles of our hands, wrists, and fingers. Connetix are a fantastic toy to develop this ability. Although the powerful magnets that are in Connetix can be joined easily, they stimulate fine motor skills when children move and manipulate the tiles to position them, that require precise positioning. In addition, kids typically hold the tiles with the grip of a pincer while they align the magnets. This helps in the strengthening of the muscles of their hands. The development of this grip is crucial for numerous fine motor tasks, as well as writing in school.

Hand eye coordination

Hand eye coordination refers to the ability to accomplish tasks that require the using eyes and hands. By using Connetix the children get the chance to play and improve the hand-eye coordination of children. when joining the tiles the children have to determine where the magnets are located and then utilize their hands to help guide the magnets towards each other. Additionally, as the structures kids are creating get more complicated it is essential to develop their hand eye coordination to be able to manipulate the pieces without damaging other components in the construction.

Problem finding:

It is an ability that allows you to resolve issues in a timely and time-bound manner. This is a skill we hope every child will learn to develop. Connetix offers a wonderful opportunity for children to master this ability with a fun and exciting method. Before even beginning to build they have to face the question of what they’ll construct. After they’ve decided on the type of building they want to construct, they must consider how it will look like and the way they are planning to build it. Utilizing Connetix is a constant challenge for youngsters of all ages and encourages them to build their problem solving thinking process.

Connetix is also a source of challenges for children, which require the children to think independently. This can be as simple as what the child needs to be able to do to stop their structure from collapse, or the best way to create new shapes (eg making two right-angled triangles to create the shape of a square) when they’ve exhausted the specific shape they need. Connetix is among the toys that is not just great fun to play with it also constantly tests young minds to think of new methods to solve the various issues that come up.


Perseverance is the ability to face the challenge with one’s body or mind to overcome the obstacle. Connetix is a fantastic tool for adults and children to practice the art of perseverance, particularly since the tiles can collapse if they are not properly supported or when excessive pressure is placed on them. Thus, while playing Connetix kids are frequently forced to keep their work in order repeatedly as they develop their ideal structure until they reach the desired result.


As previously mentioned, Connetix are not only an amazing toy that can be used in a variety of ways they also provide children with the chance to develop and improve a variety of developmental areas. Connetix are an essential toy for every toy room. They are enjoyed by both adults and children alike!