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Considerations When Making A Shopify Product Video

Every online store should have video content.

Why? Because even though online shopping takes less effort and offers more convenience than brick and mortar store, there are still negatives. 56% of shoppers prefer to feel and see the items before making purchases.

To overcome this omission, eCommerce stores present detailed images and text – and, even more importantly videos. Keep in mind that if a picture will be worth 1000 words then videos are the best.

We know that we require videos, but how do we create videos? Do you have a formula to making a video that is highly effective for your business?

Yes, it is. To demonstrate the process, we’ll show examples of fake Shopify store to make fake product videos to increase fake sales. The method, however, isn’t fake at all.

Step 1: Establish a goal that is clearly defined

The initial step in the process of creating in any kind of video involves to establish an objective. Think about the purpose for which you’re creating this video. Are you promoting the product on a page? Are you promoting a huge sale?

To ensure that your message isn’t confusing and causing confusion for your viewers to avoid confusion, every video is focused on a single purpose. That doesn’t mean you can’t be able to have multiple goals but it is merely a matter of ensuring that you must be able to have more than one video.

Your video will most likely be one of four similar goals:

A brand video is a way to introduce your brand name to potential customers. This kind of video will communicate your identity and what you offer to any person who comes across your website. The ideal location for the type of video you want to show is your storefront, also known as the your homepage.

A product video is a way to showcase the product in detail and emphasize its advantages. The video will help your customers get a better understanding of your product obviously the best place to display it is on your page of the product.

A testimonial videogives your product the highest seal of approval by incorporating the words of satisfied customer, layered with images of your product.

An occasion video is used to announce special events in your store like sales or new products, special holidays, and other events. It all depends on the event the most appropriate place for this type of video is typically your homepage.

To facilitate our walkthroughs, let’s make an instructional video for the product – which is the most popular option.

After you’ve selected your purpose and you’ve chosen a single item to display You can select the style of your video accordingly.

Step 2: Select an appropriate style

The next question to consider is where you place the video. Although we have already talked about the best place to put every video in the store itself, it is possible that you may decide to share it on social media sites as well in order to bring people to your location. This is why you must determine the proportion and the style the video.

For instance, if you plan to share content or post ads for advertising or sharing on Instagram it is recommended to select an Instagram template that is vertical in the case of Stories or a square design for your feed. Both of them are compatible in the store’s own.

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Step 3: Write a cohesive message

Once you’ve decided on the goal the message you send should come naturally. Be aware that the message you send isn’t about your company or product, but about your potential customers. If you’re creating videos for your product it should be clear why this is the ideal product for your customers. If you’re explaining your store, make it clear the reason why it is the ideal location to buy.

The video should have a distinct message. You should have this in your mind prior to creating the video, as it will simplify the video to create.

Examples: These are going to be your favorite footwear for a long time And now you can purchase them for a reasonable price.

Step 4 4. Make your video come to life

Step 3 actually consists of three sub-steps, so be patient with us:

Once you’ve established your purpose design, style, and message then you can begin putting the pieces together to create the desired end outcome.

Footage – You’ve determined your objective and you wrote a message and now you need to put it all together. When making a video about your product your product should obviously stand out in the center. The goal for the film is to let the viewers get to know the product prior to deciding to buy.

In addition to your product photos You can also improve your video by adding additional footage from the stock market. For instance, if , for example, you sell shoes, you can add footage of relaxed, happy customers.

Text – After you’ve chosen your footage, you can write the text that’s going to accompany each frame. When you write your copy, remember that visuals and text should be paired. Check that the copy matches with the footage in a continuous rhythm, not randomly or out of the ordinary.

If you’re unsure of what you should write, return to the message you want to convey and express it in the shortest (but most memorable) manner you can.

The message should be concise and straight to the point and communicated in a concise and persuasive manner. If it’s a sales event you can add an urgency (for an exclusive time only) or a sense exclusiveness (for customers only).

Music Music can create a mood, so make sure that it is in line with your message. Take note of the tone of your message, and then find the music that fits the tone.

Step 5: Culminate using an outro frame that is strong and sturdy

Your final video frame must contain your logo as well as the most important element in your message. It doesn’t matter if it’s your call-to action or your final sale, it’s probably the most significant message you can take away from your video. It’s not the place to entice your viewers and to define to them whom you’re, the services you’re selling and the way they can get involved.

Step 6: Go over your work

Okay, it’s done. All the pieces are together, and now you have a perfectly working video. Now you’ll need to ensure that everything flows effortlessly. Your text, visuals and music must all play a role in strengthening your main message.

You can watch and rewatch the video by using live preview to make sure that the graphics and colors are in sync and align with your overall message. Don’t be afraid to revisit and tweak the video. This is why we decided that we included this feature.

Step 7: Create your video

It’s time to make money! This is the time to release your video to the world. If you’ve created an instructional video for your product you can embed it directly on your product page. In keeping with your initial objective that you could embed it on any website. You can also post the post on your social networks or use the ad on your site for driving visitors to your store.

It’s that simple. the matter.

Once you’ve learned how to create videos of your products on behalf of the Shopify shop, you are able to use these videos to efficiently guide your customers to the end of your sales funnel, and ultimately, to increase sales.

One of the most crucial things is to choose an option that is scalable and works for your long-term success. Making videos of your products to promote your store’s eCommerce is a long-term effort that you’ll have to maintain throughout the time you’re coming up with new products to offer for your clients.