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Are Thule Roof Boxes Universal?

It’s impossible to discuss rooftop boxes (or cargo boxes, cartop carriers or whatever else you prefer to refer them) without mentioning Thule. Thule is a Swedish business has been in business since 1942, producing rooftop racks, roof box and other accessories that assist in transporting your gear simpler. There are a lot of other companies that create roof boxes and similar products. Don’t argue with you about this Thule roof box are more costly end of the spectrum. Therefore, many people wonder whether investing in the Thule roofing box will be worth the cost.

If you’re planning to take a lot of roads, there’s no need to worry about the Thule roofing box. From the design stage to safety and security Thule’s roof box is constructed to last. However, those who is only planning to take only a couple of trips is probably better off using a less expensive roof box.

Are you contemplating buying a Thule? Then you’re in right spot. This is everything you should be aware of in order to take an educated choice on the Thule rooftop box.

Why are Thule Roof Boxes So Expensive?

If you’ve been looking for roof boxes, you’ve probably observed that Thule boxes are typically at the top of the price range. Because Thule offers a variety of options for roof boxes the cost ranges typically fall between $400 and $1,500 based on the features, size and style.

In a glance, here are the features you’ll pay additional for when purchasing an Thule roofing box

Security locking mechanism.
The possibility to access the box from both sides.
The box’s interior lighting helps you find your way in the darkness.
A deliberate and tried-and-tested design that will lower the impact the mileage you get from your car.
Excellent customer service.
Superior warranty.
Installation and ease of use.

I also believe that having Thule roof boxes Thule roof box gives peace of mind to a certain extent . This could be attributable to their customer support and warranty.

Remember it is not the case that all Thule roof boxes are equipped with all of the features described above.

Do Thule roof boxes are Universal?

While Thule roof box are built to fit the majority of roof racks that are factory installed but they’re not universal. There are too many elements like car make and model, size of the rack the rear hitch’s movement range, as well as the weight limit for roof racks for any roof rack to be universally applicable.

It’s also easy to figure out which roof panel will work for your vehicle. The Thule authorized dealer can guide you to the right box that is best for your needs. It is also possible to determine on the internet if a particular box is suitable for your car by visiting Thule’s website.

Do Thule Roof Boxes Waterproof?

Whatever kind of container that you are using, everyone wants to know whether it’s weatherproof. This is normal because you don’t want your bags to get wet in the event (or in the event that) it rains traveling.

The truth is Thule boxes are water-resistant and not waterproof. This is because in order for an item to qualify as waterproof, the item must to to keep totally dry inside, even when completely submerged water. While Thule rooftop boxes can be nice however, they’re not the best.

However, you don’t need to be concerned about your luggage getting wet inside the Thule roof box in normal conditions. If you do not accidentally crash into the lake and your luggage doesn’t be soaked. Even torrential downpours can’t cause water to enter the Thule in the event that it’s not damaged and securely closed.

Can Thule Roofboxes be considered safe?

Thule roof box roofs are some of the most secure on the market. I’m referring to this with two meanings. One is that you don’t need to be concerned about the lid falling open or fasteners falling loose. Two: you can secure Thule roof boxes, which makes them secure and safe from potential theft.

On Thule’s official website the safety of their customers is their primary concern. The company has a testing lab that is dedicated to ensuring that their products are safe before they can be named with their Thule name. These tests cover extreme temperatures and UV radiation, as well as winds, water and even hazardous chemicals.

Does Thule Roof Boxes Impact Gas Mileage?

Anything you put on the front of your vehicle (or the sides or the sides, for that matter) will impact the efficiency of your fuel. Automobile makers invest a lot of time to improve fuel efficiency by creating cars that are as aerodynamic as is possible. When you install a roof rack it’s impossible to ensure you don’t hurt your fuel efficiency.

But there are many roof boxes that are made to be alike in this respect. The roof bags are more expensive. The folks at Thule are aware of how important fuel efficiency is. This is the reason why they designed every Thule rooftop box in the most aerodynamic way is possible.

One study with Men’s Health Magazine found that the Thule roof box had an impact on the mileage of gas less than two mountain bikes and kayaks in separate tests that were conducted in the wind tunnel.

While adding any type or roofbox to your car could negatively impact the gas mileage of your vehicle Thule roof boxes are not. Thule roofing box has been specifically designed to make it as insignificant as is possible.

Does Thule Roof Boxes come with A Warranty?

Every one of the Thule roof boxes are covered by a lifetime warranty that’s limited. This warranty basically guarantees that in the event of any type of damage or defect that’s not caused by normal wear and tear, you are able to get your Thule roof box repaired. If you do not want the replacement, they will offer a full refund of the cost of the item or a credit equivalent to the amount of the item which can be used to purchase a new roof box.

There’s greater to the warranty but these are the main key points. This is important because the majority of other manufacturers of roof boxes provide warranties in months or, at the very least only a couple of years.

What kinds Of Thule Roof Boxes Are There?

There are 19 distinct roof-boxes to choose from today from Thule. This doesn’t include older models that are available being offered for sale by private owners. These 19 boxes comprise the following five series

Motion XT
Force XT

In addition to the Sidekick and the Sidekick, each series offers various choices. For instance the Vector line offers two choices that include Thule Vector M, and Thule Vector Alpine. Thule Vector M as well as Thule Vector Alpine. Thule Vector Alpine.

Vector M Vector M weighs 59.3 pounds and measures 73.2″ 25″ and 11.6″.

Vector Alpine Vector Alpine, on the other side is a hefty 65.9 pounds, and comes with internal dimensions of 80.5″ by 25.2″ 11″.

Vector M is the Vector M is rated for 3 to 5 pairs of skis and it’s Vector Alpine is rated for 4 to six pairs. Both roofing boxes come in either black or black and gray.

You can clearly see that there are a lot of choices in the field of Thule rooftop boxes.

Thule Dimensions of the Roof Box

Thule’s roof box ranges in sizes from small to XXLarge. Even among those sizes, there’s several major differences to bear in your mind. Let’s examine the two tiny Thule roof boxes: Thule Pulse Alpine and the Thule Pulse Alpine and the Thule Sidekick.

Its name suggests that the Thule Pulse Alpine is long and narrow. It weighs 30 poundsand has internal dimensions of 82.75 inches by 23.5 10.5 in. 10.5 inches. It also has eleven cubic feet of storage space.

Thule Sidekick Thule Sidekick is smaller and higher. It weighs in at just 20 pounds. It has the internal measurements of 48 in x 23 inches x 13.5 inches, and eight cubic feet of storage space.

It all comes down to what you intend to use them for. It’s the Thule Pulse Alpine could be a perfect small roof box to carry skis. There’s no way to fit one ski in the Sidekick however, because it’s way too short.

However, as roof boxes are typically defined in cubic meters, let me give you an idea of the different sizes Thule provides:

Small – between 8 and 11 cubic foot.
Medium 13 , 14 and 15 cubic feet.
Large 16 cubic feet.
18 cubic feet.
22 cubic feet.