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10 Air Fryer Accessories To Check Out In 2023

Air fryers are now gaining a lot of attention as a healthy, multi-purpose cooking method. It is possible to grill or bake, fry and cook food in air fryers. It lets you cook food using only a little oil, making it nutritious but delicious. If you’re looking to get the most value from your air fryer, purchase the accessories today. The accessories for air fryers make sure that your food isn’t wasted and can save your time. They are easy to clean and use. Learn more about the essential air fryer equipment.

1.Inalsa air-fryer accessory box Set of 27

There are 13 items (27 items) in the Inalsa Air Fryer kit accessory: pizza pan, cake pan, mat made of silicone silicon muffin cups, racks to hold screwers, bread shelves parchment paper dish plate cup silicon mini mitts and silicon oil brush extractor made of stainless steel cookbook, recipe book, and food tong. The accessories are all compatible with air fryers with 2.9 L capacity or more. The accessory kit for air fryers is essential for all.


A kit comprising 27 items

Silicon material that is recyclable and environmentally friendly.

Kit is compatible with OTGs and is

Dishwasher is safe

Food-grade and BPA-free material

A recipe book for the first time user

2.Parchment Baking Circles Liners

Papers made of parchment help to decrease the food waste left on the fryer. It reduces the time spent cleaning and reduces food waste. It can be used for cooking, grilling baking, baking, and BBQ. It is made of high-end materials and is safe and environmentally friendly.


Sheet count 100 sheets

Sheet Dimensions 9 inches

Special characteristic: Non-sticky and heat-resistant.

3.Hasthip Air Fryer reusable silicone pot

If you’re not an avid user of air fryer liners that are disposable Try Hasthip Air Fryer, a reusable silicone pot. It is constructed from premium silicone and can be reused. Additionally, it is simple to clean, which will save your time. The ear handle makes it easy to use.


Colours: Blue, yellow

Material Materials: Silicone

Dimension: 6.5 inches in diameter

Special feature: dishwasher safe, Non-sticky, and no scrubbing is required.

4.Air Fryer accessories recipe cookbook

Cook better meals in less time using Air fryers. If you’re unfamiliar with air fryers This book is a must-read. It offers a wide variety of easy recipes to cook. It also shows how to make use of various gadgets for the air fryer. Use this book to prepare delicious, mouthwatering meals from the comfort of your own home.

5.Trifecta silicone Air Fryer liners

Silicone liners for air fryers is an eco-friendly, affordable and sustainable accessory that stops cooking food particles from adhering to the. If you’re not a fan of parchment paper Trifecta’s Silicone Air Fryer Liners are the best choice for you. They are round and square in form and perforated. The silicone liners can be used with the majority of air fryers. They are washable and simple to wash.


No. of Sheets 2

Shape: Round and square

Dimension: 8.5-Inch

Material: Silicone

6.Baskety German stainless steel cook tong

A tong that is heat-resistant is an essential item for those who use the air-fryer. It cooks food at very high temperatures and you don’t wish to burn your fingers. The silicone head will ensure that you don’t scratch your fryer’s surface. It also has a locking head that keeps food in place without spilling. The handle is made of stainless steel, which means it’s durable.


Materials: Silicone, steel

Dimensions of 23x4x 2 Centimeters

Special feature: Head locking, Nondetachable head

7.Dash 6 piece Air Fryer Kit of accessories

Dash air fryer accessory kit Dash Air Fryer accessory kit includes everything you need to roast and baking as well as fry. It includes a baking dish pizza pan, rack that doubles as a layer as well as screwers. The accessories are all made using high-quality materials, which improves the longevity and durability of the items. They are compatible with standard air fryers and OTGs.


No. Of items 6


Dimensions include: 6-inch Deep Baking Pan, 6-inch Pizza pan 65-inch double-layer rack

8.Rasse Air Fryer XL accessories with recipe book

This Rasse air fryer kit accessory is a once-off purchase of accessories. It comes with ten accessories that are made using high-quality, durable materials. They’ll last for a long time. The tools you will receive with the kir include an oven egg bites mold silicon mats, metal holders double rack for holders silicone spatula oil brushes and mitts, muffin cups food tongs parchment paper hot plate holder fridge magnets.


No. Of items 10

FDA-approved and BPA Material that is free of BPA and FDA-approved

9.Oil sprayer

One reason that people choose the air-fryer over a fryer is that that it uses less oil. The oil sprayer provides enough oil to create the perfect golden brown meal. It also helps avoid spills of oil and kitchen surfaces that are not durable. The Thighs oil sprayer is multi-functional and allows you to use any oil you want.


Material Glass

* Capacity: 100ml

* Dimension 10W /10H Centimeters

10.OXO Good silicone baking cups with grips 12-pack

Are you craving cupcakes and muffins right between now and time?

OXO Goodgrips baking cups made of silicone are your ideal the air fryer’s accessories. It is available in 12 pieces and is multi-coloured. These are made from high-quality silicone, meaning they last longer, and are also eco-friendly.


Dimensions 7.9 8.6 x 8.6 9.4 x 9.4 Centimeters

Material Materials: Silicone

No. of Cups 12