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Why Work With A Video Agency

This is why it’s important to get in touch with a video agency right away.
Some of these points might not apply to you. You may find yourself nodding as you read. Keep in mind what I said. Let’s start the intervention.

1. Video Content is a worthwhile investment.

However, you haven’t been in a position to do it yet.

I’m certain you’ve seen the stats. You probably know that well-made video content can be highly effective and generate a high ROI. It is also extremely engaging for almost everyone on the planet.

Sorry, but I have a responsibility to you the raw data.

52% believe that video is the most valuable content type among all other types of content.
82% report that their prior investment in video is successful or very successful for them.
80 percent of internet users can recall watching video ads on websites they have visited in the past 30 day.


Marketing professionals now use online videos for 91%.

While it is not always a good idea to follow the herds, this means that you may be missing out if you don’t use video anywhere in your business. You can focus on leads, engagement and results.

2. You don’t have the resources or time to work internally

You’ve probably thought of it at least once. You can create your own video content.

You have been contemplating it all night long, staring into the monitor. Your pencil is in your hand. Try to add up the number of hours worked and how many employees…

Then, you will reach the wall.

Who will write and direct the script? Who will write the script? With whom? How do you make it fit in with all your other projects at the moment?

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not impossible to produce your own videos in-house. In fact, it’s something every business should at least try once.

Is this contradictory to you? Perhaps it is a bit contradictory.

Today’s world is easy to edit stunning videos with an iPhone. Brilliant and efficient video content doesn’t have to be about just:

This video is breathtaking!
Your presenter’s appearance.
What a clever script.

It’s all about, and primarily,:

Good distribution

These are the things that may make you less confident.

However, it is not impossible to make great videos. It takes determination. It takes practice. Most importantly, it requires a creative, experienced, synchronous group following a time-tested process. This is how we do things.

You might consider making an internal video. You can film something easy and quick. Show it to your audience. Take it with you.

It’s great if you manage to fit in the occasional short video for your internal or social media marketing.

If you’re not sure if you have the resources, time or expertise to produce a professional video and create a strategy that meets your goals and needs, don’t panic. That is what most businesses find their selves in.

Here’s the secret: we are a video agency, so even though we have the ability to make our own content, it can be difficult for us.

We’re currently working on this. However, we are able to know the intricacies of the video production, production and marketing process. It’s only worthwhile if it’s done properly (note: this does not mean your video should be perfect). However, it should not be half-assed.

I’m trying say that it’s possible to fulfill all your video requirements in-house. You shouldn’t feel ashamed about it.

3. You are wary of the video making process

The video creation process may cause you to feel some fear.

Experiential marketers and internal comms specialists have been known to panic at the idea of creating video content.

It’s still very mysterious for many, as it is a completely new and unfamiliar process.

If you are a marketer, chances are you have created or managed the creation of many different types content. This includes blog posts and infographics as well as case studies. Perhaps you have tried podcasts. All these kinds of content share many of the same features as video. The audience is the most important aspect of all content. Each piece must be informative or helpful.

Internal communications is no different to presentations or newsletters, but video is just as effective. Your goal is to connect and engage with your team. You must still make dull information interesting and relevant.

The fact is that every video has its unique features and challenges. How much footage should you film to make your video the right length? Do you know where to go to hire voiceover artists or presenters? ).

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or nervous when creating your own video content. Many professionals do.

Video can seem like too much of a challenge for you, so consider working with a video agency. They can jump all kinds of video-related hurdles.

4. Video Content Is Not Your Strength

I’ve been dancing about the point. Let’s be real. Everyone needs to be able to use their strengths. Video isn’t one.

(At minimum, not yet.

I’m not trying be rude. It’s just that you don’t have much video experience. Perhaps you are a brilliant writer or can plan a social media campaign like no other.

Your business has its strengths, whether it’s providing custom management systems to clients or baking delicious local cakes.

However, video content can be difficult to find the right place to begin. (See point 3).

There isn’t enough time in the week, the day, or your life to be an expert in everything. Who would want that? This is why we specialize. You can be a master of all trades.

Focus on what you excel at. The agency producing your video will also do so.

5. Professional guidance from experts is essential

Expert help is required when creating video content.

There is no shame in doing it. It’s the smart, responsible decision to make. It is not easy to create video. You need the right people and the right processes in order to succeed. These things are not available in your own facility so you will have to order them from another source.

To produce high quality video content, it is important to combine a range perspectives and experiences. It’s important to step out of your comfort zone. If you have to work with your team, this can be difficult.

You can access outside experts by working with a agency that specializes in video. Working with experienced professionals brings expertise and innovation to the project.

You are paying for the agency’s experience — perhaps more than their services.

Consider all the other specialties you can outsource and get external guidance on. IT services, graphic design and coding. Professional video can’t be made by you, so this should also be outsourced.

6. You Want To Achieve Amazing Things With Video

This is probably the most important reason. You really want to see amazing results using video content.

You might want to:

To convert your visitors, create an explainer animation that you can place on the homepage.
Your MD can inspire employees by filming a message.
Make an interactive video to use in a campaign.

All this and so much more are possible with video.