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Why Get Help With Translations?

Are you trying to enter a foreign market? Then you will probably need assistance from a translation agency.

Is your main goal success? Then probably it will be ideal to work with a professional translation agency.

Of course, there’s the option of Google translate, which is completely free.

Additionally, you can ask your child’s English teachers to do the translation of your project for less than an agency.

Then why bother to go an extra mile to call a reliable translation service?

Well, you might as consider reading our article to learn the seven benefits of hiring a certified translation service.

1. Translation companies can provide top-quality services for translation

A professional translation agency is able to provide top quality services. Simply put the freelance translator will solely translate on your behalf, however. If you need localization and proofreading, you’ll need to look for someone else.

On the other hand having a translator in your agency will guarantee you top-quality services. Translation companies test their clients, then screen them, and then hire professional translators.

They have translators who specialize in a particular field, such as website or legal translation, for instance. After they understand your needs then they choose the most suitable translator, proofreader, and reviewer for your task.

There are usually 2-3 people who are checking the content translated as well as a machine that can make automated checks.

A translation business will have the right workflow, skilled staff and the latest technology to guarantee top quality.

2. Translation Company provides all-in-one services

If you’re adapting your content to a new market, you will require more than only translation. You’ll need localization tests, linguistic testing on desktop publishing, and more.

Localization is as important as translation. Localization ensures your whole content is adapted to the market your aiming at – that includes color palettes, layout images, your logo and slogan.

In most cases, translation service companies hire native speakers who understand the local culture and the language of the target market. They will ensure that every detail is appropriate and that there are no ambiguities or miscalculations.

Moreover the use of an SEO plan will ensure your success. A professional agency can handle this as well so you don’t have to be concerned about it! While most professional translators have a good education on the subject, the majority of freelance translators don’t know how SEO operates.

Translation firms offer a variety of services such as website research and editing. They will take care of the full-circle management of your work, which means there is no need to fret about any aspect!

3. A translation company is transparent in all aspects

Operating a translation agency is a business like any other. This means that every company is bound by its own terms and conditions.

You will receive the terms and conditions of the company at the very beginning. In fact, a professional translation service provider will prepare a written proposal that includes all the details including project title, text type the payment terms, confidentiality and delivery deadlines, among others.

When beginning to work on a translation services assignment, the business has to ensure that customers are happy with the proposal. In this way, you’ll be aware of the value from your investment. The translation company makes sure there aren’t any misinterpretations or issues.

4. Translation companies maintain confidentiality

If you are hiring an agency for translation, you need not be concerned about any sensitive information which needs to remain secret. The quote that includes all particulars of the work usually includes this particular aspect.

They have advanced technology, their own servers and protocols to ensure the highest quality in the whole supply chain.

Furthermore, the vast majority of professional translators take part in professional associations. These unions have strict codes of conduct, among which is keeping sensitive information private.

5. Capacity greater than translators working as freelancers

Selecting a professional translation service is crucial when working on a large project. The reason is easy – a professional translation service company has a bigger capacity than a single freelance translator.

Freelancers typically work on their own and write approximately 2000 words per day.

Companies, on the other hand have teams of specialists in different fields that work in tandem to provide the most efficient and high-quality services.

Additionally, these businesses are equipped to ensure consistency during the translation process. They utilize workflow systems which control even the smallest details.

6. Latest tools and technology

Translation tools have become an integral part of translation nowadays, however, the software used for translation can be a major investment that freelance translators are unable to afford.

Software for managing translation or computer-assisted technology for translation (CAT) tools aid trained translators maintain consistency of style and tone in longer texts.

Moreover, even customers can profit from the use of software for translation since it could reduce translation costs.

It is important to mention that by deciding to partner with one specific company, you could develop a memory of translation. This will help in future projects, and lower translation costs.

7. Single point of contact

A translation service provides one major benefit one should not underestimate the single contact point. You will have contact solely with your project director.

This project manager will be responsible for communicating with everyone who is who is working on the project.

Furthermore, it is their responsibility to report every particular to the client and keep them informed.


If you decide to work with freelance translators, you’ll need to work with each of the proofreaders, translators and backup translators. separately. This can make it more difficult and time-consuming the process of translation.

Translation companies, on contrary, are able to handle all the tasks. This means that the time and energy you spend in the process are greatly diminished.

When it comes to any task of translation, getting the most efficient results could appear to be a piece of cake when relying on a well-organized and professional services. This way you are assured that everything will go according to plan!