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Why Choose Pay Monthly Websites?

Beyond Your Brand offers a monthly, paid website service. This is unlike many agencies and website designers. This is called ‘Website as A Service’. A pay-per-month model is a good option if you are thinking about investing in a website or if you are unhappy with your existing website. These are the main benefits. There are no upfront costs

No matter what model you choose, a website is an investment. It is your shop window to all the world. An alternative to the traditional model where a web design agency or web designer would charge an upfront fee for building and designing your website, is a monthly payment model. A pay monthly model can help you save money, especially if your business is just starting out. You can plan your finances and keep within your budget when everything is bundled together in a monthly payment, similar to a mobile telephone contract that includes calls, texts, and data.
2. Service available on an ongoing basis

Pay monthly websites are a great option because they guarantee an ongoing service. Many companies fall for the trap of paying upfront to have a website built and then having to pay for support when there is a problem. Your website hosting company should offer ongoing support and advice to ensure that you don’t consider leaving. This puts the responsibility on the service, not the product.
3. Continued support

Web hosting is incomplete without support. What happens if your website goes down? What protection do you have against hackers online? Is your website properly backed up? How far back would your website have to be able to be restored if it was an older version? These are important considerations. You should ensure that you have ongoing support when you sign a monthly agreement for a website. You get excellent support from a web hosting company. This will give you peace of mind.
4. Increased visibility and ranking

Many businesses make the common mistake of expecting a website to work from the first day. Many web-designers are only concerned with the appearance of their sites. Once the money is paid, they are no longer incentivised for helping the site reach wider audiences. While ongoing Search Engine Optimization (SEO), is a long-term investment, there are some essential elements to consider when building a website. These elements can make a significant difference in online visibility. How does the site structure look? How can you make it easy for users to navigate to the pages they are interested in? How can you make it easy for search engines like Google to find your pages so they can match them with people’s searches?

You can also improve your website’s rankings by regularly updating it with new content such as blogs and videos. Look for a web-design agency that offers a monthly payment option. If they do, make sure that you have an easy way of updating your site. Or better yet, you can find one that does it for you.
5. Stay on top of the latest designs and trends

It’s a smart idea to keep your website current, vibrant, and on-trend. Your website should be updated regularly, just like a high-street clothing store will update their windows on a regular basis in order to attract new customers. If you are going to pay monthly for a service provider, they should allow you to refresh your website from time to time.
6. You will have more time to concentrate on your business

Your to-do list when running a business is never complete. There’s always something you can do. This is why websites are often neglected. Websites never make it to the top. You may be able to update your website regularly with a monthly payment service provider. Your provider might offer to help you with the code and content management system writing. This will allow you to spend your time on more important business aspects.