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Why are mobile whiteboards preferred in the classroom?

Their equipment has changed with the changing world of teaching. Modern whiteboards have evolved from dusty chalkboards into something more practical and user-friendly. Whiteboards are no longer restricted to writing down information. They can also be used in many other ways that will benefit learning.
Many teachers prefer mobile whiteboards over wall-mounted ones. Teachers are changing their teaching styles and mobile whiteboards are becoming more popular.

Why then do teachers prefer mobile whiteboards over wall-mounted? What are the advantages?

Let’s take another look.
Mobile whiteboards can be carried around in a small, lightweight device.

Learning is easier when you can move your whiteboard on wheels from one classroom to another, from one hall to the other, and from outside to inside.

The possibilities are limitless with heavy-duty rubber tyred castors that are non-marking and lockable. Mobile whiteboards, made from lightweight material are easy to push. This further increases their popularity.
Teachers can be flexible with portable whiteboards

Learning can be made more mobile and lightweight so that it is easy to adapt to new environments. You can learn more about things in person. If you cannot travel to the classroom to learn, you can still go to the subject.

Everyone benefits from being able to touch and see what you are learning.
Whiteboards with wheels can be easily stored

The mobile whiteboards are very slim in design. These whiteboards can be stored in even the smallest of spaces. If you have to make more space in a room, you can easily move them to the other wall.
Whiteboards can be moved to encourage more discussion and debate

You can easily divide the class into groups by using both wall-mounted and portable whiteboards. If you choose to use double-sided whiteboards, each team can have its own whiteboard or their own side. You encourage better group learning by giving each team their own space to record their ideas.
Flip charts are less eco-friendly than mobile whiteboards.

Flip charts are another option to a mobile whiteboard. These are great for brainstorming ideas but the paper you use to write on them needs to be replenished regularly. This is a wasteful option that doesn’t teach children how to reduce, reuse and recycle. A mobile whiteboard makes a better use of your time and money and is therefore a worthwhile investment.

Magnetic mobile boards offer more versatility

You can also choose portable magnetic whiteboards. Magnetic whiteboards can still be used for their main purpose. However, the magnetic surface can be wiped clean so it’s still easy to wipe. To make the experience more interesting, you can also choose from different colours of magnets.

Mobile whiteboards can be freestanding or in various sizes.

The location you intend to use your portable whiteboard will determine the size. Smaller boards might be needed for classrooms than large assemblies halls. A mobile whiteboard is not restricted in size.

Whiteboards made in the UK are available in a wide range of sizes. We also create custom sizes for our customers every day.

Flexible learning makes your classroom more modern

While technology is constantly evolving, from digital learning tools to laptops to tablets to the continuous development of many apps and software, whiteboards remain a standard learning tool in most classrooms. It allows teachers and students to meet together as a class. Most classrooms have a wall-mounted whiteboard. However, the ability to use portable whiteboards makes learning easier.

Whiteboards made in the UK are available in a wide range of sizes. We can also create custom sizes for our customers!