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Total Flexibility With Self Storage In Leicester

Storage space is available to people with a variety of different needs. that’s why we want to put the spotlight on five surprising advantages you could get by renting a self-storage facility that you own!

1. Increase the space in your House by storing seasonal items

We’ve all seen the gorgeous Pinterest photos of the perfect showroom-style homes. Beautiful, light and airy living spaces and kitchens, with no trace of clutter. Then we decide on our own that it’s time to conduct a major spring cleaning. We realize that the entire storage space within the house is already used and we’ll need to do some tidying up.

From sports equipment and bikes that line the hallway, to Christmas decorations that are stuffed into the understairs cabinet to the lawnmowers, BBQ and furniture for the patio (that is only available for a few months in a year) taking up the whole shed, it’s hard to recreate that neat appearance. A lot of us don’t have the space required to store things we don’t require access to constantly.

If you consider the frequency you utilize the majority of the equipment it can seem absurd that these gadgets fill up all of your storage space and are utilized for a brief period of time.

When you rent a tiny self-storage space, you can easily free up your storage space inside your home. Take away all the festive decorations from Halloween to Christmas then put the barbecue and patio furniture in an area to store them until sun comes out and you can enjoy an empty shed as well as some storage space in your cupboards that you could use to tidy up and tidy up the sideboards.

The great thing is that you’ll have access 24 hours a day to your apartment should you need have to, and we can also provide on-site van rentals too!

2. Having Your Own Workspace

Everyone knows people who enjoy having some fun with different initiatives at home. It doesn’t matter if they’re trying their hand in the making of a kitchen table, repairing car parts, or making larger crafts – the only factor you need is space it. If you do not have a garage or an area that is suitable to work from home, it could be a hassle. There are many things you’d love to tackle but you don’t want take up too much space in your home.

If you have the self-storage facility you don’t need to! We offer drive-up and lower floor storage units located in Stafford that can be adapted and cost-effective alternatives to renting garages or commercial spaces to store your projects.

We have a variety of people who can benefit by having their own workshop at our workshop. From people who run small businesses to those who simply want an extra area to do their work We can eliminate the stress of trying to find an extra space in your home. Additionally that our facilities are secured and monitored 24 hours a day by CCTV, which means that all your tools for work are secured and secure.

Our workspaces span from 100 square feet to specially designed units that meet the specific requirements of your business. Our workspaces are equipped with lighting and power and can be used at any time of the day. This could just be the benefits of storage that you’ve been looking for!

3. You must sign the delivery on your For Your

We provide a notification service to all our customers. We can also take delivery and sign for you. We’re able to contact you via text or an email to let you know that it’s safe and sound. We’ve seen that this works really well for those who have a small business operating in addition to their job at 9-5 and are unable to be home to take deliveries all day long.

If you’ve just launched your own small-scale e-Commerce company via Etsy, eBay, Amazon Marketplace or your own website, you’re able to relax in complete peace being assured that the deliveries will not be missed if you aren’t able to be home to take them. Beyond that the items you purchase will be kept in your secure storage unit. You can also store the stock of your business to save space at home and keep your private life from the demands of your job.

4. The Freedom to Start A New Hobby!

What can a self storage Leicester unit do to assist me in starting an exciting new pastime? It’s true for many who live in Stafford who are beginning an exciting new activity, storage may be a challenge in certain circumstances. If you’ve always wanted try surfing or mountain biking but you live in a flat shared by a couple and have no place to store your costly bicycle and large surfboard. For as little as PS5 week, you could lease an item that you could change at any time and put your items in storage until you’re ready to use it during a sunny evening or on a weekend!

Similar to other activities like horse-riding, golf or hockey that require heavy equipment could be simplified by a self-storage device. If you store your new gear away from your house, you’ll be able to relax without cluttering your home or worrying about space or security.

5. Total Flexibility

One of the biggest and most surprising benefits of having self storage is that it’s completely adaptable. Many of our clients were surprised to discover that they can lease our storage unit in as little as one week, if they want. There are no long contract, and you are able to get rid of your unit and end paying for space the very day!

In the same way, you’ll have complete freedom to increase or decrease your unit based on the amount you need to store. Maybe you’ll require a larger unit in the summertime to accommodate all your winter-related things that take up precious space in your home, but in winter, you’ll only require the smallest size unit in order to lower costs. This is perfectly acceptable and ensures that you only spend the space you require.