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Ten Advantages of Using Co-Working Spaces

The advantages of coworking are widely documented. However, research conducted by Harvard Business Review unveiled some intriguing new information about coworking spaces and their crucially in boosting confidence of professionals.

Coworking has become something of an edgy term in recent times as hundreds of articles appearing with the topic’s most popular benefits. We’ve even covered them in discussions about whether flexible workspaces will be around for the long haul. It’s a fact that they are.

Since the opening of the first coworking space in 2005, hundreds of coworking spaces have been created all over the world with the projected number to exceed 41,000 coworking spaces by 2024 , according to Statista. Since this trend is growing at a rapid pace, and is not decreasing, it’s time to look at the findings and review the advantages that are driving the need for coworking spaces.

There are numerous advantages of coworking spaces, including post- and prior-pandemic which business managers and owners are aware of. Along with the obvious advantages coworking has the potential to influence the way you’re perceived by those within and outside your business. In the Harvard Business Review (HBR) claims that coworking is actually changing the way that you — as well as your employees view your work.

The study concluded that flexible workspaces possess the potential to alter your professional appearance to your advantage. For some, this may be a bit surprising, particularly to those who believe that a workspace is just a place and an office is simply an office. However, coworking provides a space that goes beyond the four walls — or lack of.

The HBR study that was conducted at the beginning of 2017 through the end of 2018, concluded:

“At an elementary level coworking is a product that facilitates having access to and using a workspace. But, it’s an e-commerce product that fosters a sense belonging to the members.”

The advantages of coworking spaces include:

1. Enhancing the relevance of your business and impressing clients

In the Harvard Business Review reported that “coworking spaces can help businesses that are just starting out create a positive impression with potential clients”. Indeed, one person has actually moved to WeWork to improve her business’s image and demonstrate to clients that she was open and willing to changes.

Another respondent argued that coworking spaces are an excellent option to appear “energetic and futuristic rather than dated and rooted within the present”.

2. Improving the legitimacy of startups

One of the greatest advantages coworking spaces can offer startups is the ability to provide the entrepreneurs with a business address in a desirable location — without the expense which comes with a luxurious city-centre office. A prestigious address in a business district and not a home address, gives a feeling that of “pride and trust”.

“Coworking spaces provide workers with the impression of professionalism as well as legitimacy that traditional remote working doesn’t” according to the study. Working in a real office, not an open kitchen table, instantly confers credibility and credibility to customers, creating an impression of “a serious employee”.

3. Employees feel valued

Since you’ll be paying for every desk you use in the space, you’re paying your employees to be part of the coworking area. With the facilities and perks offered by these kinds of spaces they’re likely to feel valued and feel that their needs are taken seriously.

According to the poll, a respondent located within a satellite location that is outside of the corporate headquarters and explained: “We’re a bit of an outpost. But, we know that it’s a sign that we’re valuable and worth the amount they’re paying to keep us in a workplace.”

4. Enhancing productivity

Many workers chose to shift to freelance work after the pandemic struck, with People Per Hour reporting a huge 1.5 million new freelancers who registered on the platform in March of 2020, as the pandemic swept through. However, while it’s possible to work at the comfort of your home, it is not without numerous distracting factors. The blurred lines between personal and professional life could get worse as it’s much easier to complete a handful of tasks that are essential to your daily routine for example, such as doing laundry while working.

The move to an office However, it removes you from the distractions of your home which allows you to focus only on your work. Coworking spaces are designed to be productive accommodating a range of working styles and providing different backdrops, desks, or meeting areas that are suited to those who work.

5. Flexible working arrangements

Instead of a rigid work schedule that requires employees to work according to set working hours coworking spaces promote flexibility. Businesses can begin and finish their work on the time that works for their employees and themselves most. If you’re an entrepreneur who requires only a meeting space or desk area for short period of time and you’re looking for offices that are flexible to arrange for the day whenever you require.

6. Opportunities to network

Because of the nature of the coworking space Finsbury Park, freelancers, entrepreneurs and companies work within close proximity, making networking extremely easy and creating a possibility of having a talent pool for you to select from. No matter if you’re part of the same field or not, you’ll can gain knowledge from other colleagues. It is possible to meet the graphic designer freelance that your company requires while drinking your morning cup of coffee. Coworking spaces are likely to organize events across the building which makes it easier to build relationships with people working around you.

7. Access to common facilities

As we’ve mentioned coworking spaces usually provide events for all clients. However, in addition to this, it’s likely the office you work in will also be staffed. The office space will have amenities such as furniture, WiFi, and subsidised food and drinks for employees and employees to take advantage of. It’s not your responsibility to the office amenities which employees expect, and you’ll be able to use your budget for other areas that your company operates.

8. A sense of community

Even if you’re part of the small group or working on your own as a freelancer coworking spaces will ensure you’re never completely in a space that is completely yours. With spacious desks and a flexible layout for work it’s likely that you’ll be involved in the rush of work -unless in the event, of course you decide working in a specific room for focus or a separate meeting space.

A variety of professional and business owners who are working in the same building can naturally foster an atmosphere of belonging and community providing you with a network of support that you can rely on if require it.

9. Flexible office contract

One of the most difficult aspects when you own an office of your own is determining how much space your staff and you really require. What happens when you’re locked into an agreement and your business is growing? Rearranging and moving your office only gets you to a certain point.

Startups and entrepreneurs who aren’t sure of what their staffing needs will be in the next three, four, or five years coworking spaces enable the user to only pay for the space you’ll need. This gives your office the chance to grow and adapt to the needs of the needs of your business. By resecuring your office space, that you’re never with a bill and you pay only for the space you require and utilize.

10. Widespread access

For those who love to travel but don’t wish to miss working, coworking spaces can help you find an ideal work-life balance. Instead of setting up at an establishment in the town or city you’re in, you can quickly reserve a desk in coworking spaces to give you the office feel that you need to be focused. A lot of flexible offices offer members access to offices across the nation, giving you the flexibility to travel however you like and without compromising any quality work.