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Reasons to Use WooCommerce to Start Your eCommerce Business

The potential of ecommerce is huge today. You can make your dreams come true with the digital reality today. It is obvious to you, and I won’t deny it. The main thing most people don’t know, however, is “Where should I begin?”
WooCommerce: What does it mean?

WooCommerce, one of the most popular ecommerce plugins on WordPress, is an excellent choice. It’s a great tool that makes it simple to set up and manage online stores. It provides a variety of features including inventory management, secure payments shipping, tax management, and inventory tracking. It will make managing your online store easy while maintaining professionalism. You are the only owner of your data because WooCommerce is powered WordPress.

WooCommerce powers approximately 93% WordPress online stores at the moment and has over 82.5 millions downloads. These numbers are proof that WooCommerce, an ecommerce WordPress plug-in that combines usability and professionalism, is the best.

How does WooCommerce work and how to install it?

WooCommerce is a WordPress plug-in, as we’ve already said. WooCommerce will then automatically integrate with your framework once you’ve downloaded it.

WordPress users have a lot of options for building ecommerce websites. WooCommerce is specifically built for WordPress. WooCommerce is specifically designed to fit the needs of your website.

The installation is easy. This plugin can be integrated by simply going to your WordPress Dashboard. Search for WooCommerce in the “Plugin Options” section and then hit the Download button. It’s so easy, and we’ve already discussed the reasons why WooCommerce should be your choice for building an online store.

WooCommerce: Why Should I Choose It?

We now have 8 reasons to build a WordPress eCommerce site.

1. It’s completely free

If you’re looking for an online platform to help you start your business, it is important that you compare the options. Pricing is probably the most important part of any similar research. So we will start there. With over 3.8 million active users, WooCommerce is leading the list of platforms for building an ecommerce company. Shopify, which boasts over 1 million users, is the closest alternative to this platform. Shopify Basic costs $29 per year. Shopify also offers three subscription plans. For a newly built business, $29 seems a bit steep. This plan has very basic features and only 10 themes. Rest comes at an additional charge.

You should think about the costs of setting up your ecommerce business. Your main goal should be success. But it is absurd to spend more money on your establishment process when there is an easy alternative. WooCommerce can be installed for free, and is not available through Shopify.

WooCommerce allows you to also add paid extensions. These extensions allow you track your orders and assess customer engagement. You can modify your tax settings and manage your inventory. Most extensions are affordable. It is possible to build a functional online store at a very low cost. What do you need to start an ecommerce company that is professional and profitable?

P.S. Please note that WooCommerce does not come with a starter kit. Once you have your firm’s spot on the market, it will be a professional platform that will best suit your business.

2. It grows with you business

If you’re thinking about starting a new company, it is important to consider its future. You should always consider the future, and not only success. When choosing a platform to launch your business, this is something you need to consider. It’s possible to grow, even though it may seem small at the moment. You should choose a platform that is scalable and will be able to support your store when it grows.

WooCommerce is the right plugin for you if you’re a beginner in this industry with big ambitions. You can go from selling few products to thousands and serving just a handful of customers per week to serving hundreds every second with this plugin. All this without any extra effort or complexity.

WooCommerce doesn’t serve as a starter pack for beginners. Instead, it is a powerful tool that will grow with your business. This should be another great reason for you to use the plugin when you start ecommerce.

3. It’s Open Source

Open-source is one of the greatest features of this plugin. This means users can add new features to the plugin, modify existing ones, and create new themes or extensions. This is not common for most ecommerce platforms, such as Shopify. WooCommerce is a great way to get the benefits of a large group of professionals, without spending extra money on third party developers.

If you have any questions, you don’t need to hire WooCommerce web developers. In various forums and Facebook groups, you can easily interact with thousands of WooCommerce web designers. These include the WooCommerce Online Forum and the Facebook group WooCommerce Help & Share.

4. It provides strong cybersecurity

As we discussed in a previous article, cybersecurity should be your first priority for your website. When building an online business, it is important to choose a platform that provides maximum security and protection. WooCommerce is a platform that offers uncompromising cybersecurity. This puts the protection of consumers’ data at their top priority.

This is especially true when it comes transactions and payments. WooCommerce doesn’t store your customer’s payment information on your website. This means that hackers won’t have access to your client’s payment information even if your website has been hacked or targeted for the reasons we mentioned.

To make payments easier for your customers, you can install plugins that integrate with payment gateways. These plugins allow them to tokenize their data. The payment processor servers will store the actual payment information. Only tokens will be saved on your website. These tokens can be used to identify customers as well as the payment gateways. When they are not used for the intended purpose, they can be rendered useless and unredeemable.

WooCommerce is able to guarantee that your customers’ credit card information is secure and protected. But it is equally important to ensure that your customers have access to their personal information stored on your website. These information include customers’ names, email addresses, shipping information, order history, and other details.

5. It does not charge transaction fees with third-party gateways

WooCommerce has a major advantage: unlike other ecommerce platforms like Shopify, it doesn’t charge transaction fees for using third-party payment portals.

Shopify charges 2% per transaction, unless Shopify Payments is used. Advanced subscription plans are available at an additional cost. However, you can reduce this amount.

However, in some cases like bank transactions and PayPal, WooCommerce will also charge transaction fees.

6. It provides strong email marketing and extension of SEO.

We’ve already discussed how important SEO is to your success in several of our previous articles. SEO is about ensuring that your website ranks well in Google’s search results. It is very unlikely that your target audience will search for your store by typing keywords related to your product. SEO is therefore a crucial part of this online game.

WooCommerce, an excellent ecommerce platform, will make sure that your products and stores are seen by the right people. It is optimized for SEO and comes with a wide range of plugins like Yoast SEO. WooCommerce lets you add detailed titles and meta description to your pages.

WooCommerce offers another impressive SEO feature: the ability to create customized URLs. This will allow potential customers to find you website easier. WooCommerce offers additional benefits, such as access to helpful SEO prompts and guides while you are building your store.

7. It is customizable

WooCommerce has the best feature of being 100% customizable. You can select an existing theme and modify it to create your store. Go to the “Customizer” section of your WordPress dashboard. This section allows you to make simple modifications without needing any programming knowledge.

If you have some HTML or CSS experience and a coding background, you can customize your theme to your liking. We recommend using the themes from the existing library if you’re not a complete beginner and don’t need something too complicated. We are available to help you if you need professional assistance to create a custom website. Passionate’s team includes WooCommerce experts who will assist you in creating a custom website that fits your business.

8. It comes with built-in analytics

WooCommerce not only allows you to set your own rules, but also gives you powerful built-in analytics. You will be able to easily obtain valuable data about the performance and growth of your store with this additional tool. The number of total sales per date as well other stats will be available. This information will help you improve your business performance and expand it.

WooCommerce also offers many advanced extensions, which can be purchased at an additional charge.

Final thoughts

We’ve discussed 8 reasons WooCommerce should be used to create a professional, successful online business. You will not regret trying the amazing extensions and features that WooCommerce offers. It is customizable and secure at 100%, making it a powerful marketing tool. Its scaleability and large WooCommerce developer community will allow you to grow your ideas and build a great store at a very low cost. How do you go about achieving your ambitious goals?