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Preparing For a Food Exhibition

If you’re a foodie like us, nothing beats walking into an exhibition space filled with food and drink. A real sensory overload for those who love to find new food and smaller brands.

As you well know, tradeshows can do great things for brands who are wanting to reach a wider audience in a relatively short space of time. What makes it even easier, is if you have your product there, ready and waiting to show the visitors.


Whether you’re a new or well-known brand, it doesn’t matter, you need to bring some samples. Especially at a food show, the expectation is to be able to eat some food – so don’t let your potential customers down!

Using an exhibition counter / bar, you’ll be able to create a feast for those who come to your space looking for new food choices. Use the space to show the ranges and the available flavour options, and watch as people flock to discover you, your brand and your snacks.

Match the stand to your food

Stand design and branding is the ticket to drawing the crowd to your space, away from the competitors. So, using the theme of the food or branding, to match your stand and accessories is going to create an impressive scene.

It’s important to have a cohesive display which is relevant to your product and also creates a sense of what your brand is all about.


With so much food around, hygiene & health and safety must be your main priority. We’re talking about keep the food/drink properly stored, at the right temperature and cleaning down surfaces.

Being on top of the hygiene at a food tradeshow makes the environment safe for anyone who sets foot onto your space.

With COVID-19 still very much a consideration, be sure to provide an easy access hand sanitizing station.

Discount Vouchers

If the samples aren’t incentive enough, you could consider handing out discount vouchers for a first purchase. Whether this be available online or instore, who can say no to discounted food.

Not only will it get your products in front of them again, but once they’ve found a new food favourite, repeat business is on the cards.


Finally, sell, sell sell!

Handing out samples is great, however, having an on-stand store is even better!

Create a corner of the stand space into a mini store, displaying the products and having them available for purchase. Adding the shopping element, ensures your products can be taken home, rather than being just a sample which could be forgotten.