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How To Recognize an Explainer Video

Many marketing tools have seen a rise in popularity over the past few years. Some are useful and others are not.
Only a few of them can get the entire combo. Here you will find explainer videos which are very popular and highly effective. What is an animated explainer?

Explainer videos are animated videos that explain business ideas in less than 90 seconds. These videos are simple and interesting. With clear messages and appealing visuals, they grab attention quickly.

A explainer video can be informative or educational. It explains what your company does, how it will help customers solve their problems and why your product or service is the best.

It does it all in just a few seconds.

How to Recognize Explainers Video

You now know what an explainer video is, but let’s find out its main features!

Let’s start by looking at this video. It will help us get in the explainer mood.

This video is a great example for what makes an animated sales video. It’s simple, clear, and straightforward. The video can be customized to the needs of each audience member. But let’s get down to it.

Explainer videos should be short. Just like the example above, a good explainer must convey a business idea within a few seconds. Specifically, it should not exceed 90 seconds.
They are simple: They convey a message in an easy-to-understand way
They use animated characters: Explainer videos can be humorous and personal thanks to the use of animated characters.
You must meet the needs of your audience. Explainer videos should be able to help you identify with your audience by focusing on their problems and addressing them.
They create brand recognition by representing your company in every frame of the video using your brand colors.

These characteristics are what make an explanation video stand out among the rest.
Okay, but why is this so popular?

It’s clear that explainer video companies have all these attributes. They are the best way to sell.

However, their popularity does not end there. 95% of people have viewed an explainer video to learn about a product. That’s almost everyone!

Because they work, animated explainer videos are very popular. Animated explainer video boosts online visibility, builds brand awareness, and improves conversions. It is so important that we break it down one by one. Let’s begin with these:

These will increase your online visibility.

Your website should have an animated video embedded to encourage your visitors to stay longer. Videos are so much fun to watch, your audience will likely play every video they find.

You’ll get the best of it: Search engines such as Google track the time your audience spends on your site. People will spend more time on your site, which means it’s more interesting. Search engines like Google will reward you by ranking your website higher for searches.

Brand awareness is built through explainer videos

An animated marketing video that is great for your brand can be customized to suit your communications. It will use your brand colors to increase brand awareness. They’ll help your viewers recognize you as the person behind the video.

They increase conversions and sales

Conversions are up to 20% when explainer videos are embedded above the fold on your homepage.


Your viewers will act

It is easy to get your viewers to take any action you wish. You can make sales videos so compelling that you just need to add a call-to-action to your video. This will allow them to subscribe to your newsletter, fill out a form, or download a specific material.

Shareability can be increased

People love to share interesting and fun information with their friends. Videos are the most popular type of content on the internet.

Visual and verbal learning can be used to your advantage

Combining visual and verbal learning creates a powerful combination that enhances the communication power of your content. Videos are extremely useful because they combine visual and verbal learning. Explainer videos combine all this with appealing visuals and a clear message that have a powerful effect on the brain.

Mobile logic adaptable

The number of mobile video views has increased dramatically over the last few years and is expected to continue growing in the future. Your audience is connected via their mobile phones 24/7 and are eager to consume information every day. Videos are more adaptable to mobile screens than text and are the preferred medium by most users.