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How to Make the Perfect Reception Area

Located at the front of most buildings, you’ll be able to find the reception area. Used to meet and greet guests, the reception area will make the first impression and hopefully set the right tone for staff and visitors.

As the first area to be accessed, it’s not a surprise that the design should be just as effective as in the office. From colour schemes and soft furnishings to the final finishing touches, each aspect matters.

Tailor the Reception Area

When we say give the area what it needs, this will depend on your business and what kind of reception you have. Can you leave it open plan? Are office screens required? And what kind of seating will be needed?

For areas such as offices, open plan designs can work well as it ties in with the collaborative feel. But if privacy is needed in say a doctor’s waiting area, hotel lobby or for social distancing reasons, screening can be applied.

Play Music

We don’t suggest anything too loud or invasive but playing some soft background music is a great way to fill another wise quiet space.

Whilst people are waiting, it takes the awkward silence away and fills it with a nice calming sound and might even help with relaxation.

Comfortable Seating

Regardless of the business sector, comfortable seats are a must. Those who are waiting in a reception area should be able to sit back and wait in a comfortable setting.

Dependent on the space, you can look at reception sofa’s, single chairs and stools to create various seating options. Thus, ensuring there is enough seating, even when it’s busy.


Nothing is worse than being in a messy working space, so for the sake of the receptionist and the visitors, the space should be spotless.

Ensuring the desk and seating area are clean is important but also being mindful of anything sitting on or behind the desk. Include storage units to tidy away any unnecessary clutter to keep the space clean, tidy and approachable.

Display WIFI

When waiting for a meeting or appointment, when are we not on our phone?

Displaying the WIFI password eliminates the struggle to access emails and to continue working whilst waiting. You’re actively providing the tools to make sure you’re not using precious time from the visitor’s workday.

And if you’re not working, you’ll be able to watch Tik Toks as quick as ever.

Provide Refreshments

Has your guest travelled a long journey or just fancy a coffee?

For the refreshments side, you have 2 options available. You can offer the drinks or for an easily accessible option, the drinks machine can be placed for each person to help themselves.

By adding the self service option, the receptionist will always be stationed, ready to meet and greet the next visitor or employee.