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How a business directory works

The days of flipping through a book of phone numbers like the Yellow Pages to locate an establishment in the local area are gone (at least for the vast majority of people) and the time of online directories for businesses has started.

No matter if your business is online or you own small-scale local businesses online business directories play the potential to be a part of your marketing plan. They can be an effective tool for expanding your reach.

This guide explains the importance of business directories online – how they function and what benefits they provide to companies. We also look at the distinctions between directories and give some advice to get the most value from one of the most popular directories: Google Business.

What exactly is a directory for businesses?

The term “business directory” refers to an online searchable directory or index of companies which group listings by category or kind.

Directories for business collate and display the essential information about the businesses included in the directory in an easily digestible format. The aim of directories for businesses is to provide users with the necessary information to know about contacts, find, and communicate with companies.

The information in a directory of the company will usually include the business’s name address, contact information and address as well as opening hours, photographs and inbound links to the company’s website, as well as directions. Based on the directory, listings might also offer user-friendly features like the option to read reviews about the company’s website or post details on it via social media sites like Facebook.

Although features and functions can differ from directory to directory however, the primary function of all directories for business is basically the identical.

How does a UK business directory work

Online directories function by accepting business listing requests, mostly from the owner of the business. The information is then displayed in an searchable format.

The most effective way to capitalize from the advantages of directories for business is to ensure that your company is included on as many high-quality relevant directories online as you can. The first step is to consider the directories that would best suit a specific company. It is not worth advertising a wedding dress business such as directories that specialize in manual trades.

Once the correct directories for online are chosen the business must be registered with the directories. It is crucial to choose a category that is suitable for your business. In the next step to that, all of the company relevant information should be included, including the basic information about contact and address as well as the name of the website and URL, and an introductory description of the site. You should think of keywords that accurately describe the content of the site You’ll need to include them in your description.

The advantages of listing in a directory of businesses

There are many benefits to having your business listed in an online business directory. Here are the four most significant.

Visibility/Search Engine Optimization
Mobile optimisation
Make your brand known
Inbound links

Top Local directories that will find your business on

Like the name implies, local business directories on the internet concentrate on local businesses that have an exact physical address. The majority of local business directories will only feature small or medium-sized local companies which provide services for a particular immediate area (such as plumbers or hairdressers in the area) and do not include companies solely on the internet.

Local business directories may contain listings that span a broad variety of business categories or be specialized within one specific industry. This distinction is discussed further below.

Local directories collate and display local business details to make it simple for consumers to search for local products and services and also to connect with companies that offer these services.

The difference between a certain specialty directory and niche directories

In general Online business directories can be described as having two types:

General directories with multiple niches comprise listings for many business categories, and not confined to any specific field or sector (for instance, Google My Business);
Niche directories that focus on a smaller variety of business types that are specifically targeted to specific sectors, niches, topics (or occasionally regions). These directories could also specialize in specific niches or groups, for example, other companies. B2B directories for businesses such as Business Network are a good illustration of this.

There are pros and cons from each kind of directories that a company shouldn’t be forced to choose just one directory type to be listed on.

General multi-niche directories such as Google My Business garner a large amount of traffic . They as will be discussed in the next section — they are frequently the first stop for those seeking businesses online. Due to their scale and popularity they are often ranked highly in results of searches.

However, certain niche directories may boast of greater knowledge, since they concentrate on one or one or a handful of specific particular areas. They could provide content or other information that is relevant to businesses that are in a particular field and that one will not find in a typical business directory. Consumers who are serious are more likely to place more confidence in niche directories than a general directory that just lists everything. Because of this, niche directories have the potential to provide status and a reputation that can be gained by being listed within their databases.

Additionally, although certain niche directories may have less traffic overall but the quality of the traffic can be higher. Internet users who browse particular specialty directories tend to be more inclined make purchases (or have a particular need to meet) and therefore their conversion rates are more likely to be greater.

The significance of each of these aspects will depend on the specific business niche and its type, as well as the behavior of the consumers in that sector. A top industry B2B directory that focuses on casting agencies, for instance is a good location where production firms can find casting agencies. In this case production companies will likely assume that all reliable casting agencies are included there. If the company isn’t listed, it’s not worth speaking to. In this case it’s more essential for a business that is a casting agency to be included on the directory than Google My Business.

The most effective advice, generally being the case generally speaking, is that it’s recommended for companies to make use of every directories by making sure that they’re listed in the most popular directories and also some niche directories that pertain to their field.

Google Business Profile

Google Business is the single largest business directory on the internet and in many ways, the most crucial. It is frequently the primary point of entry for people looking for businesses online. Although it doesn’t provide the precise information that would be found in a more specialized directory, it’s often the first place to go. This is why Google Business really is the initial point of entry for those who are looking to join the online world of directories for business. This article will show you how you can achieve this.

To start with Google Business visit Google Business’ website here.

After that, you will need to establish your business using these steps:

Click”Start now” or click the “Start right now” button located in the top right hand corner.
Start Google My Business
Then, you will be asked to sign in to your Google account that you’ll have to create if not have one already. Be aware that this account is the one which will be linked to your company.
Then, enter an address for your company.
Google My Business Name
Next, enter the company address.
Google My Business Address
You will then be asked to confirm that your business offers goods and services to customers by selecting an box.If you want to keep your business address secret (if you think it’s also your home address) Select the option ‘Hide my home address (it’s not a retail store) Only show the area’. The next step is to choose the company’s delivery location.
The next step is to select the activity category that best represents your company. This is a vital action, since it will inform Google the location where your business’s listing will be displayed for local searches, as well as the type of potential customers who will see your website. It’s crucial to be exact and cautious in the selection of your listing.
Google My Business category Business
Input the contact information and the website.
Google My Business Information
After that, click on the “Finish and Verify” button.You must then choose a verification method. This is usually done via mail and in this the case Google will mail a postcard with verification codes to the address of the business. Other options are also available but only for certain companies. Click the ‘Learn More’ button for more information.Alternatively, you can opt to verify the business later by clicking the button.
Google My Business Verify

Google Business is a great method to boost your business’ visibility and draw more customers to come by your establishment. For this it is essential to ensure you have a Google Business listing contains accurate and complete details. Make sure that the basic details like contact information including address, opening hours and even the address are accurate and any updates to your listing are made as quickly as it is possible.

Google My Business Info

In addition, adding more details or information to your listing is useful. Make sure your listing is clear and specific, and also include additional information, such as pictures to enhance the overall experience as well as the understanding that a potential buyer can benefit from your listing.

Be active in the website can also help. Be sure to keep an eye on for reviews posted by users and ensure you reply to them. You should make sure that you capitalize the positive reviews. This enhances the overall customer experience, and consequently, your website’s visibility.


Online directories for business are an essential part in the strategy of marketing of companies. They enhance a business’ overall visibility, boost the performance of search engines and help to provide the best experience for prospective customers.

If a business isn’t benefiting from these opportunities chances, then it’s not reaching out to potential customers and the higher ROI that comes with it.

If you’d like to know more about it or promote your business contact us. We’ll guide you on how to make the most benefit from online business directories and boost your company to the next level.